A downloadable game for Android

Psychedelic drawings and colorful creations using different visual effects.

This app contains a lot of beautiful artistics effects such as Vortex, amazing and tripping circles, crazy lines, particles and much more.

Select your favourite effect based on your mood.

Start drawing your personal visual art.

Open your mind with this drawing tool, use your emotions.

This app brings to you Animations. Your drawing is animated !!!!

When your drawing is perfect, you can save it for using it later as a wallpaper! Create colorful and psychedelic wallpapers! This app allow to save screenshots.

You can share your beautiful, surreal and mind-bending artworks with friends.

Effects are made using math, trigonometry and geometry. Yes, Math is a beautiful art.

With this app you can make art from equations!

No internet connectivity is required.


TrippyDraw-release.apk 6 MB

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it look cool but i can't get it